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Lenticular printing allows for two or more images (flips/frames) in the same space on one printed piece. It can also display depth or motion. Dimension offers a wide range of quality Lenticular products. Our extensive experience enables us to offer expert creative advice and design tips, ensuring the best possible results. We also offer some of the fastest production times in the industry.

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Lenticular Examples

Solar eclipse lenticular

Here are a few examples of how we have helped clients achieve superior results with Lenticular printed items:

Phases of the Eclipse/
Carbondale Tourism

Created to promote Total Eclipse related tourism, this 5-phase lenticular dramatically simulates the transit of the moon across the sun.

Kusama pumpkin lenticular from Yoyoi Kusama Infinity Mirrors Exhibit tour

Yoyoi Kusama Infinity Mirrors Exhibit tour

This Pumpkin to polka dots flip image was one of several Lenticulars created for museum shops on the Yoyoi Kusama Infinity Mirrors Exhibit tour.

Estée Lauder lenticurlar flipping from image ofmodels to image of packaging.

Skin Care Product Promotion Badge

A 3" square Lenticular featuring a new skin care product was outfitted with a safety-pin back and used as a badge by department store staff during the product roll-out. Using vertical lens orientation provided for a side-to-side image flip, attracting customer attention.

NRAO lenticular card showing solar system forming.

NRAO Astronomy Trading Card

This simulation of a solar system forming shows what a more powerful next-generation VLA ( Very Large Array ) system could provide in more detail than the currently available ones.

Lenticular ruler showing different ways information can be analysed.

Portfolio Diversification Ruler

This client specializes in patented technology that helps financial advisors gain a better understanding of portfolio diversification. To best illustrate this, we put a ruler on top, chose three representative graphics, and combined them with copy — Visualize, Optimize, Measure — that spelled out the strengths of this revolutionary software. After a quick turnaround, the piece was presented at an event for advisors, and the client was very pleased by its success.

Lenticular card showing different ways that the earth can pulse after an earthquake.

Earth Pulse
Education Card

Using a five-phase motion of the earth on a star-studded space background, this card dramatically represented the Earth's oscillations after an earthquake.

What Are Lenticulars?

Lenticular refers to a unique printing process that creates an illusion of three-dimensional, moving, or morphing images. It relies on a material composed of parallel rows of optical lenses that magnify and show to the human eye only a small portion of the image printed underneath. Images under each row of the lens are sliced up and interlaced in a controlled pattern, then printed at high resolution.

Note that lenticular items, especially 3-D, are often confused with holograms, which are produced through a completely different process. For more information about lenticulars and holograms, see our Lenticular FAQs or contact us directly.

Lenticular Effects

Flip Lenticulars consist of two images ("phases") printed on one product. Horizontally aligned lenses focus on one or the other as the view shifts from top to bottom. It is possible to have elements included in both images, so they are always visible. For displays and other stationary Lenticulars, the lenses are aligned vertically so that the flip or change occurs as you move past the Lenticular.

Morph/motion effects are similar to flips, but consist of multiple images phased in a sequential order, to create an illusion of movement (motion/animation), transformation (morph), or an increase/decrease in size (zoom). These designs use a common background, with only certain elements changing in each frame.

To achieve 3D effects, the image is constructed so it presents a slightly different view of the print to each eye, replicating the natural parallax effect that allows us depth perception. This requires that the lenses be aligned vertically. For this reason, when 3D images are combined with other Lenticular effects, you need to move the piece side-to-side for the other effect to be visible. Combining depth and other Lenticular effects is also referred to as 4D Lenticular printing.

Only a fraction of the Lenticular items available are listed on this site. Please inquire for your specific needs; we will gladly provide sample kits showcasing our superior print quality, free of charge to qualified customers.

In addition to the basic 18 mil 75 lpi lens, we offer other options better suited to extra-deep 3D effects or extreme morph/motion.

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