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Lenticular flip of an infinity room titled The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away, 2013 from the Yoyoi Kusama Infinity Mirrors Exhibit tour

Yoyoi Kusama Infinity Mirrors Exhibit tour

This flip of an infinity room titled The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away, 2013 was one of several Lenticular postcards created for the museum shops on the Yoyoi Kusama infinity mirrors exhibit tour.

Holiday Cards

Image Flip Holiday Cards continue to gain in popularity. Here we have examples of a traditional multilingual greeting, a whimsical poke at a holiday feast and situation specific versions. The New York Skyline to Rocky Mountain scene was for a family that moved from New York to Colorado and the prismatic light dance was for an artistic lighting design studio.

Traditional Lenticular holiday postcard
Humorous Lenticular holiday postcard around the dinner table with a jumping turkey
Lenticular holiday postcard transitioning from New York to the Colorado Rockies
Lenticular holiday postcard for lighting design studio

Lenticular holiday postcard transitioning from New York to the Colorado Rockies
Lenticular holiday postcard for lighting design studio

Collector Cards

These video game-themed 3-flip collector cards were a limited edition produced for a special event.

Lenticular postcard for National Association of Broadcasters


With this Lenticular mailer, four graphics were paired with corresponding text. While this is still a basic 2-flip, it uses five of them simultaneously for maximum impact.

Lenticular demonstrating how realistic a replacement eye can look


This 3D Lenticular of an eye prosthesis uses 10 layers of depth to dramatize how realistic a replacement eye can be.

A lenticular postcard demonstrating the destructive power of a new electromagnetic railgun


For a Naval Science and Technology Expo, we produced this Lenticular animation mailer. It utilizes five frames taken from video of the futuristic electromagnetic Railgun in action.

A demonstration of the morphing capability of lenticulars, showing a butterfly changing into a drop of water


A morphing butterfly was used as a framed cutout on the cover of a company brochure to stress transformation, a key selling point of the company's products.

ASTC 2014 Conference Invitation postcard lenticular

ASTC Conference Invitation

The Association of Science Technology Centers (ASTC) wanted to do something special for their 2014 conference invitation, so they turned to us for an animated Lenticular card. The result was this beautiful depiction, in vibrant color, of a biplane circling a lighthouse — a nod to the conference's location in North Carolina, famous for its many lighthouses and the birthplace of powered flight.

Empire State Building Executive Pass lenticular showing the inside and the outside of the building

Empire State Building Executive Passes

The 2009 Executive Pass lenticular cards we produced for the Empire State Building used a high-resolution lens, allowing for three frames of crisp animation derived from stunning photography. For added security, activated passes were printed with an individual barcode.

Recipients were so thrilled with the 2009 cards, the Empire State Building Company commissioned us to produce their 2010 Executive Passes. The artwork featured a full view of the building set against a bright blue sky, changing to a view of the grand interior. Once again, for added security, each activated pass was printed on the back with the recipient's name and an individual barcode.

CoFlex spinal implant promotional card
Castle of Chaos haunted house promotion


When a campaign needs to convey change or transformation, Lenticulars get a chance to truly shine.

In the top example, our client — a company manufacturing spinal implants — used Lenticular handouts to showcase the capabilities of their product, with the relevant medical data printed in full color on the back.

For a different kind of visual impact, take a look at the bottom "zombie" postcard commissioned by a Utah-based haunted house adventure.

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