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Flying Sports Cars

One of our local agency partners had a client in need of a very specific product. Their big promotional campaign hinged on a special radio-controlled sports car. It was available in the U.S., but only in a small quantity. They needed 500.

We had no trouble finding the car overseas, but typical production time ran anywhere from 90 to 120 days and the promotion’s scheduled date was only 60 days away. We solved the problem by using expedited shipping, and the cars arrived with 10 days to spare.

Puzzle key

This fun, brain-teasing puzzle was a perfect promotion for one of our clients in the cyber security business. The disc needs to be "unlocked" by maneuvering the key in just the right sequence — promising many hours of stress relief and exposure for the company.

Embroidered beach towels

These elegant, fast-drying beach towels are made of organic Egyptian cotton, perfect for a beach-resort conference or a corporate retreat. The discrete embroidery signals subtlety and class.

Molecule Reproduction

A local scientific organization was looking to give their speakers an upscale gift with a representation of a particular molecule. They wanted an item that would be treasured by the recipient, and at the same time depict the molecule as accurately as possible. Through a special laser technique, we provided a 3D interior etching of the molecule in a block of clear crystal. We then deep-etched the organization’s name directly on the surface of the crystal, making sure not to overlap the internal etching. The end result was well-received by all.

Magnetic Sculpture

For a conference of retail developers in Las Vegas, a prestigious law firm wanted a unique giveaway for attendees.The goal of their campaign: promote retail development in Washington, DC. Our creative solution was an executive magnetic sculpture, composed of small metal pieces shaped like construction vehicles, tools and cityscapes that could be rearranged at will. We even created the campaign’s tag line: "Washington DC A shining future for retail."

Thanks to this eye-catching promotion, the firm enjoyed a more visible presence at the conference and their client received valuable campaign exposure.

Custom Acrylic Display

A Midwestern design firm contacted us for help in showcasing the attributes of their product in a format appropriate for display at a doctor’s office. Through our years of experience in working with multiple materials, we came up with the design solution of a hollow acrylic cube, with the client’s product mounted on a clear acrylic post in the middle. Separated logo and copy were printed on four sides of the cube, spaced so as to allow a clear view of the product inside. The clear top and a full-color flood on the bottom provided additional focus.

The rollout was so successful that the client ordered several hundred more cubes shortly thereafter.

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