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T-shirts, polos, rugbys, jackets and hats + your design or logo!

At Dimension Creative Promotions, we specialize in customizing apparel for promotions and corporate events as well as for personal use.

In addition to clothing, we also offer customized eyewear, footwear, and lanyards.

Customizing Options



The two most common ways to customize apparel are screen printing and embroidery.

Screen printing is generally less expensive, and by printing on automated 6-and 8-head rotating presses, produces large print runs efficiently while maintaining tight registration. It should be noted that screen printing does not work well on textured items such as pique polos.

Embroidery provides a classic, upscale look and is usually the best choice for sports shirts, hats, and fleece.

Screen printing is generally priced by the number of colors in a design, while with embroidery price is determined by coverage area ( stitch count ).

Heat Transfers

For more complex designs involving halftones or full color, methods such as digital printing, sublimation or heat transfers may be preferable.

Call us to discuss your project at 703.521.4843 or toll-free (800) 705.6735, or you can review our extensive selection of apparel items, including many name brands, on our catalog page. Once you've chosen an item or if you need further assistance, call us and we'll be glad to help you with options and pricing.

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