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offers a limitless selection of award options.

Creating the ultimate award often requires combining several materials and decorating techniques. We are the creative experts when it comes to multi-material synergy. Contact us via email, at 703.521.4843, or toll-free (800) 705.6735 and let us help you create an award to remember!

Here are a few examples of awards we've created for our clients:

H.K. Bentley Award

For this award, we started with a black pianowood base, then added an etched stainless steel plate, topped by a double-layer brass plate with a black top finish, etched and color-filled in white. Next came a raised brass cityscape cut-out, followed by a reverse-etched glass riser.

The designer was ecstatic when she saw the award, since five other vendors told her it could not be done!

Sustainable Range Award

This U.S. Army project required a combination of several materials and techniques. A multi-layer focal point incorporates 4-color digital graphics, screen-printed raised details, and a photocast metal rim. Engraved personalization and a walnut base finished-off this stunning annual award.

Award Materials

Acrylic and Lucite

Versatile materials for creating awards, commemorative pieces, mementos and replicas. Items and images can be embedded while the surface can be printed, etched, or engraved. Machining can even transform the materials into a variety of 3D shapes.

Crystal and Glass

We are proud to offer the finest customized crystal from the best-known manufacturers. Art glass is a great choice for awards and gifts that will become treasured keepsakes. Some items can be etched or engraved directly, while others can be paired with customized bases. Internal etching uses special lasers that result in a striking 3D floating image. The exterior can then be etched with a logo or other personalization.

Stone and Metal

Marble, granite and slate provide a great foundation for a variety of awards and gifts. Plaques, bookends or sculpture can be sandblasted and color-filled for a lasting reminder of achievements and milestones. Metal castings can replicate buildings, vehicles, statues and many other objects. These can be combined with bases and nameplates to create a lasting commemorative, memento or award.

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