Looking for that extra impact lenticulars can give you? Nike relied on us for their MaxAdapt point-of purchase display. Call today and we'll get you moving!

Creative Promotional Products

With over 30 years of experience in promotional products and advertising, we offer you the best in conventional promotional products, awards and business gifts. We also excel at presenting uncommon ideas, new and exciting products, and expert advice. Whether it is custom fabrication in a wide variety of materials, overseas production for greater savings, or corporate programs featuring name-brand electronics and apparel, we have you covered.

AIGA 50 2012 Design Trophy

Full Color Acrylic

Every two years, the DC chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Artists organizes a design competition — AIGA 50 — showcasing fifty of the strongest examples of design produced in the greater Washington area. Dimension has produced the awards for the last three biennials. This year's award is special: it celebrates the 100th anniversary of the AIGA and the 30th anniversary of the Washington, DC Chapter.

Custom Rubik's® Cube

Rubix's Cube promotion

An international finance organization ordered this stunning full-color custom Rubik's Cube for their annual meeting. It was used as a visual aid in the discussion on problem-solving. All the participants were thrilled to receive such a unique and special gift. What amazing promotion can we produce for you? More Promos

Dimension News

USB keychain in the shape of a chef

Custom USB Drive

For an extra dimension to your promotion, go with a custom-shaped USB drive keychain.

Key Puzzle

A-Frame Sandwich Boards

Dimension specializes in custom displays of all types. A Frame sandwich boards are a great way for Craft Breweries to promote their brands at the point of sale.

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